Stories – From Givers and Receivers

 “ I gave Olivia a heart that said “you are appreciated” because she took over my shift when I had to leave. Her face lit up and she looked so happy it made me happy” – Stephanie

“There was great reaction from folks as I handed out the “you are appreciated hearts. Some of the folks aren’t the best at accepting praise, and they just rolled their eyes and said thank you…but deep down you could tell they appreciated it. Others took clear joy in the recognition. It’s a great concept….We appreciate your enthusiasm and desire to help us acknowledge our staff and their efforts.” – Gene

 “I loved being a heart giver! It felt fun. I gave a heart to Nick who is special needs helper in our building. He said thank you and taped the heart to his name badge. He showed it to me with a big smile on his face and said he was proud to show people” – Carla

“I immediately got a warm fuzzy feeling when I received my heart. I was
so happy to get some to hand out! Little acts of kindness go along way” – Lila

“I gave the heart I received from Nancy to my mother’s surgeon. I didn’t
even know I was going to do it! I was feeling so grateful that he helped my
mother. While we were talking I was playing with the change in my pocket,
felt the heart and in a split second I gave it to him! He was surprised to be
recognized. – Matthew

 “My vision is to give hope, uplift and share love where it’s most needed as executive director of a charitable outreach S.O.U.L. “SIWH is in alignment with our purpose and I am very excited that more love and kindness will touch others lives” – Ginger B. Wiechers

  “While working 50-60 hours a week it is easy to get burnt out and feel overwhelmed. I was just starting out at a new job and wasn’t sure how I was fitting in, but i received a heart that said “You are appreciated, follow your heart”. It was perfect timing! It helped brighten my day and made me feel like the work I was doing was worthwhile! It’s amazing how a small
gesture like this can change your mood and make you feel loved” – Andrew

 “It felt great to make others feel good and acknowledged” -Teresa

 “I appreciated the thoughtfulness of the message. It made me feel
special and important.” -Ife

 “I put the heart in my car. After a rough morning just looking at it brought tears to my eyes to know I must do something with someone to feel
appreciated.” – Ashley

 “I have actually received many hearts and I don’t think I have ever
thrown one out. I have them everywhere and every time I see one it makes
me smile.” – Ali
 “A few years ago you brought us a red heart with the words “You are
Appreciated” written on it. We taped that heart to our calculator on our
counter. We love seeing it every day. It is a beam of light on days we
need it. Thank you.” -Patricia

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Karen Callahan
Karen Callahan
I am a hospice nurse. In Oakland county when pronouncing the death of a patient I must call local law enforcement. An officer must come and provide the ME# to allow funeral home to come for the patient. Last night a young police officer arrived to clear the scene. After getting all the information from me he returned to his car to call the medical examiner. He called my cell to tell me to come out and get the number when he'd gotten it. I walked out to his squad car to find him back on the phone. I waited a moment and when he got off his phone call, he gave me the info I needed. Then he pointed to a little heart on his squad car window. "Can you get that for me?" I took it off his driver's side window and said, "I know what this is!" I explained to him about Nancy who hands these out to bless and encourage everyone. He read the heart, "You are appreciated!" and he got choked up. He said, "Please, will you tell her that this made my day," as he stuck it up on his visor. He went on to say that he and his wife had recently welcomed a new baby and he had been able to be off for a month. But when he came back to work he had to work ten days in a row. This was day 10 of 10. He said all he wanted to do was to be home with his family. "I was so discouraged this morning. But this made my day."
Tracey Weidner
Tracey Weidner
A fun and handy way to connect with our fellows to spread good vibes.
Ilene Weiss
Ilene Weiss
I would absolutely recommend Say it with Hearts! I received one and it made my day ! I passed it along to someone else to make their day. Way to go, @Nancy Jacobs Zucker
Jennifer Finer Lovy
Jennifer Finer Lovy
I love handing these out and I especially loved seeing one that somebody else left at my bank. A few simple words that put a smile on anyone's face.
Ellen Kauders Starr
Ellen Kauders Starr
It is amazing the profound affect this has on people! Not only is the recipient often moved to tears of appreciation, but the giver gets a huge sense of satisfaction at being a part of lifting up another person. After I gave out my most recent heart the woman’s coworker came over to see what it was all about and she just kept saying how awesome it was and wanted a few so she could also hand them out. It is infectious. I love this idea and I love Nancy!
Joe Marcinkowski
Joe Marcinkowski
Very thoughtful idea from a very sweet person!

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Heart Giving Story:

When I go to the drive up window at the bank I usually leave a heart on the drive through tube machine. Recently I got feedback from a few people… 

 1) About a month ago I got a text from my sister saying she was at the drive through and saw a heart that said “shine your light”. She explained that it was perfect timing because she had had a difficult week at work and this message reminded her of all the good she does for others on a daily basis. 

2) When I went into the bank a few weeks ago the teller stopped me and said a customer asked her if she knew there was a “You are appreciated” heart on the drive up machine. The customer wanted to know if she could take it because she wanted to give it to someone. The teller said sure. I put another one on before I left 😉

3) Just today I saw an acquaintance. As soon as she saw me she broke into a big smile! She told me she had just been to the bank, saw a heart at the drive through, took a picture of it, and sent it to a mutual friend saying “Nancy was here! She puts these hearts everywhere!”  She said it made their day! – Nancy

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