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How to share hearts

How to use the product:


  • When you see someone who is focused and on task – give them a heart!
  • When you know someone who doesn’t get acknowledged often – give them a heart! (Drs., nurses, teachers, maintenance staff, caregivers, etc.)
  • When you feel someone is struggling – give them a heart!
  • When you see someone doing a random act of kindness- give them a heart!
  • When you see a person being treated rudely – give them a heart!
  • When you sense someone needs a general boost in their day- give them a heart!
  • When you want to secretly brighten someone’s day – drop a heart in their pocket, folder, or backpack!
  • Leave a heart in a book, in a restroom, a waiting room, at the bank drive up window, or on a gas pump
  • If someone is travelling let them know you’ll be thinking of them – give them a heart!
  • If you feel someone feels alone – definitely give them a heart!!
  • If YOU need a boost get out of your head and HAND OUT HEARTS! You will feel better!

When you leave a heart somewhere do not be concerned about it being the right message for the receiver, simply TRUST that it IS the right message!

It is as simple as that, hand out hearts to anyone, anywhere, anytime!

Heart Giving Story:

This is an example of how quick and easy it is to make a difference in someone’s life. I recently went to a store and handed a heart to the cashier. She looked at me and a giant smile came over her face. She went on to say that about a year ago she was working in a different department in the store when she was handed a heart. It meant so much to her. She said that she told so many people about the moment she received the heart and that she kept it on her name badge until it tore and fell off. She asked if I knew that person. I remembered the situation and when I told her that it was me she whooped with joy! She was thrilled to get a new heart!! My 80 year old mother was with me and saw the exchange. She said she wanted to hand out a heart too. I gave her one which she promptly gave to the neighboring cashier. The cashiers both had smiles and my mom experienced the joy of being the giver. In a matter of moments a mundane moment turned into connection, laughter, and joy! Mission accomplished.

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